Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:How much Z-AIO will I use to apply to my car?

      A: On an average vehicle, we use less than 1 oz. of Z-AIO when applied by hand. We use Z-AIO on all paint, glass, plastic, wheels, chrome, or any non-porous surfaces.

  • Q: How often should I apply Z-AIO?

      A: For daily driven vehicles, customers who use Z-AIO by itself should apply 3 to 4 times per year for maximum protection.

  • Q: Does Z-AIO replace Z-1?

      A: Yes. While there are differences between each product, Z-AIO adds many more benefits, thus retiring Z-1. Z-AIO contains some cleaning agents, as well as enough gloss & protectant to be a true one product solution for some customers. Z-1 required the use of a subsequent protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, while Z-AIO does not.

  • Q: Can I use the ZFX additive with Z-AIO?

      A: Yes. While ZFX is not required for use with Z-AIO, ZFX will heighten gloss & slickness, and extend the durability of Z-AIO. If you choose to use ZFX with Z-AIO, use the same ZFX instructions as you would with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  • Q: What if I want to apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO?

      A: You will certainly be very happy with the results. As curing is not required with Z-AIO when used with our protectants, you can apply Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO immediately after wiping the residue of Z-AIO.

      For subsequent applications of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, ZFX is not required unless you want to apply multiple coats of product in quick succession (this is a benefit of using ZFX). Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO without ZFX can optionally be applied no more than once every 8-12 hours. However, if you choose to apply ZFX enabled Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO on top of Z-AIO, follow the respective directions for those Zaino protectants.

  • Q: Will I need ZFX for use with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO after using Z-AIO?

      A: Not unless you plan to accelerate cure time and apply multiple coats of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO within a 12 hour period. After using Z-AIO initially, you may continue to apply layers of Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO as long as you continue to see beading as a sign of durability, without needing Z-AIO as a pre-cleaner or conditioner.

      However, most daily driven vehicles can probably benefit from an occasional use of Z-AIO for it's minor cleaning and correction of paint contaminants and defect.

  • Q: Can Z-AIO be layered?

      A: I wouldn't. There would be little, if any, gain to layering Z-AIO as any later application would likely remove the benefit of the prior one. If you're trying to accomplish a greater depth of gloss and heightened protection with layering, it should be done with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  • Q: Can Z-AIO be used with a random orbital buffer?

      A: Sure. A lot of our beta testers use Z-AIO and a buffer with great success, but the developmental initiative was focused on ease of application and results when applied by hand.

  • Q: When would I use Z-AIO verses Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO?
    • A: Z-AIO is not in the same product category as Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO. Neither Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO contain any cleaners or abrasives. Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO achieve higher gloss and durability than can be attained with a single product that includes cleaners or abrasives. Most customers will choose to use Z-AIO as the foundation to other Zaino Show Car Polish protectants like Z-CS Clear Seal, or Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO.

  • Q: How does Z-AIO compare to Z-PC?

      A: Z-AIO is a less abrasive product that contains gloss and durability, while Z-PC offers no protection and is more agressive. For minor oxidation and surface debris cleansing, Z-AIO can handle it. If it's necessary to work a little deeper to resolve more serious surface imperfections, Z-PC should be used. Use of Z-PC requires follow up with another protectant like Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO, or even Z-CS Clear Seal, while Z-AIO does not.

  • Q: Does Z-AIO include any UV protection?

      A: Yes. Z-AIO contains our best UV inhibitors that protect against potentially damaging sun exposure and ultra-violet light.

  • Q: Should I use Z-AIO on painted plastic?

      A: Definitely. You can and should use Z-AIO on nearly all exterior surfaces including: paint (including door jambs), glass, plastic lenses, wheels, chrome or any non-porous surfaces. Z-AIO will not stain or leave a residue.

  • Q: I use the full line of Zaino products to protect my vehicle. How does Z-AIO fit in?

      A: Z-AIO can be used as a stand alone product. However, most customers will choose to incorporate Z-AIO into the system of Zaino protectant and maintenance products. Here are some suggestions: Use Z-AIO by itself. Use Z-AIO and top with Z-CS. Use Z-AIO and top with Z-2 PRO or Z-5 PRO. Use Z-AIO, with layers of Z-2 PRO and/or Z-5 PRO, and then top with Z-CS. And for the most extreme enthusiast... While not required, for the ULTIMATE in paint protection and an INCREDIBLE show car finish, use Z-AIO, followed by 2 coats of ZFX enabled Z-5 PRO, then 1 coat of Z-2 PRO (including a Z-6 wipe down between coats) and finish off with an application of Z-CS. Wait 12 hours, then wipe down the vehicle with Z-8. Get your sunglasses out, the gloss may be blinding.

      Maintain and extend the wet gloss and durability by using Z-7 Show Car Wash with Z-6 Gloss Enhancer Spray or Z-8 Spray Seal.

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